Experimental Replacement for FlashAir Web User Interface


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This is an experimental replacement for the FlashAir user interface. I use on my v2 card. There is a minor difference in how the javascript list is generated between the v1 and v2 cards; I'm not if it’ll work with a v1 card, but it should. The sample code from FlashAir-Developers.com includes code to handle the difference between card versions.

This replacement UI for the FlashAir gives you a few more features on the web interface:

  1. Delete files from file list
  2. File upload progress
  3. Verify file size of upload to insure that it matches what’s on the FlashAir. (not a full diff like I do with the python script, due to javascript limitations)
  4. Drag and drop on browser window to upload.


  1. Back up your SD_WLAN directory. (Just in case)
  2. Unzip this somewhere, and copy the out of the List.html file to your card's SD_WLAN folder. (Do not copy the entire SD_WLAN folder from this ZIP file to your card, as you might trash your config files etc.)
  3. Copy the SD_WLAN/js folder to your card's SD_WLAN folder.
  4. Remount the card, the new web interface should load now when you go to the http interface.


v0.1 - Initial release
v0.2 - Fix for v1 cards contributed by Jared Wellman